International development


Over the past 30 years, Quality Performance learnt a lot about the effectiveness and sustainability of development cooperation projects as conceived by most multi- and bilateral development cooperation agencies and by NGOs. These have generally adopted a linear approach to development through approaches such as the Logical Framework Approach (LFA) and the provision of techno-economic and institutional advice. This approach was also at the heart of Quality Performance’s work for the past decades.

A paradigm shift? This has led GOAL and Quality Performance to consider a complex systems approach to international development - and in particular to the importance of the co-evolution of complex adaptive systems.

Our services are provided through facilitation and coaching in situations where the highest level of participation and ownership of activities and results are paramount in the mind of the client.

They focus on human development issues with regard to innovation and transformative (mindset) change - where people’s sense of self, beliefs, values, culture and traditions are to be respected.

Our facilitation methods and tools are derived from the SevenPlus Systemic Alignment Model (SAM), as well as from Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, Theory U, Bohmian Dialogue, NLP models and techniques.