Highlights 2013 - 2014


The art of facilitating the co-evolution of a complex adaptive system lies in the optimal mix of tools (internal and external drivers of change). GOAL’s research focuses on:

          •  Internal change processes and tools for facilitating innovation and transformative change   derived, for example, from: Theory U, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, System Archetypes, NLP leadership techniques, the SevenPlus Systemic Alignment Model (SAM), Systemic Constellations, Bohmian Dialogue, and other processes or tools;

          •  How these can be combined with external development processes such as the UNIDO agro value chain, Enabling Rural Innovation, and others.

The results are expected to contribute to the courses of the Centre for Development Research at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (CDR/BOKU) and to further learning through the application of these tools to development in selected countries.

Co-lecturing at CDR/BOKU on “Facilitating change for sustainable development” (May 2014) http://www.boku.ac.at/cdr.html.

          The course addresses contemporary change theories that help to understand how people living in poverty and distress cope with change in their life conditions - notably within the framework of the co-evolution of complex adaptive systems. It focuses on rural development and on the facilitation processes and tools supporting innovation and transformative change by smallholder farmer communities.

GIZ: MOOC on Leadership for Global Responsibility, March - May 2014

ESDN workshop on Natural Resources, Berlin, November 2014


Highlights 2013

UNIDO/CDR/GOAL expert meeting “What Makes People Innovate?” October 2013. See: paper by GOAL: “Facilitating Innovation and Transformative Change in Rural Development within Complex Adaptive Systems” and by Adrian Wagner for GOAL: Learning from the Future - Preparing a Rural Development Innovation Journey”


European Forum Alpbach: GOAL participation on a Panel organised by CDR/BOKU on “Values - Hunger - Politics”, August 2013.


GOAL publication: “Towards an Evolutionary Complex Adaptive Systems Approach to International Development", Integral Leadership Review, January 2013.


GOAL interview on Complex Adaptive Systems and Spiral Dynamics Integral - experience acquired with work with Roma and smallholder farmer communities, February 2013. See: http://www.ecnlp.eu/index.php/webcongress


GOAL publication:Spiral Dynamics Integral in Action in a Roma Community in Romania”, Integral Leadership Review, October 2011.

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