Who’s who


    Adrian Wagner

    Passionate about integral development for the last 10 years. Field Studies in Middle East, India,

    Philippines and the Black Forest (Germany). Theory U and Spiral Dynamics Trainer. Journalist,       

    Action Researcher, Co-Initiator of the Transformation Lab Cairo and Development Lab Freiburg.

    Work experience with Red Cross, Caritas, Erasmus Mundos Association, GLs Bank, Project

    management and facilitation for the Auswärtige Amt, Germany. Currently also working on his

    Masters degree in Public Policy.



    Alexandre (Rico) de Faria

    Facilitator, Coach, Trainer; Managing Director, GOAL

    External lecturer at CDR/BOKU University in Vienna on the co-evolution of complex adaptive systems

    in international development. Former Chief, Project Appraisal / Quality Assurance, UNIDO.

    Specialisation: quality of management of international development, LFA/PCM, systemic

    alignment -SAM, organisational development, leadership communication and relational skills, Integral

    Theory, Spiral Dynamics Integral, Theory U, Bohmian Dialogue, NLP.




     Sonja Kaufmann

    Sonja has a BSc in Environment and Bio-Resources Management and is a Masters student in Organic

    Farming at BOKU Unversity in Vienna focusing on agriculture in tropical and subtropical regions and

    development. She is fluent in German, English and Spanish.


      Patrick Smytzek

      Patrick is a student of Natural Resources and Environmental Management at the University of

      Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Vienna. His special interest is in all aspects of change

      processes. He joined the Goal Research Team in November 2013. His current field of work is

      Theory U and Rural Development. He hopes to become a Change Facilitator in the future.




     Zsuzsanna Gaspar

     M.Sc. in Computer Science, IT Architect, she is also specialized in the application of the Integral

     Theory to human and organizational development such as in the study carried out by GOAL on the

     social integration of a Roma community.