GOAL members offer 1 or 2-day mini-courses / workshops for a min. 5 and max. 10 participants.

Topics covered this year include for example:

1.     Title: Introduction to the U process of change (1 day by Patrick Smytzek)

Content Overview: The U process enables transformative change and innovation in individuals, organisations and wider systems. During the course, Theory U will be introduced as a framework and as a process. Basic principles and steps will be explained and tools that can be used along the process will be explored. The course is interactive. Participants will experience various exercises and tools that help them to develop their own understanding of the U and how it can be applied. Note that this is only an introductory course.

How the course will help participants: The U process can be used almost in every context. Participants will gain a basic understanding of the process and dynamics at play. They will get an idea how the process could be used and applied. The process is great tool for every facilitator, consultant, entrepreneur and everybody else, who faces challenges which can not be addressed with our habitual way of thinking.

Date, place: Saturday 14 March, Schlosselgasse 9/2/2, 1080 Vienna

Cost: 25€ for GOAL members* and students; 40€ for others

2.     Title: Introduction to Psychotherapy  (1 day by Ernst Esztl)

Content overview: This intensive introductory course will:

help you to distinguish therapy from coaching and counceling. Also you will get a fast idea about the How in systemic interventions.

And there will be a intro to the structure of „How the mind makes all the problems“.

How will the course help participants; namely how to:

Theory of systemic coaching, interventions, and some tools

Date, place: Saturday 18 April 2015,  Schlosselgasse 9/2/2, 1080 Vienna

Cost: 25€ for GOAL members* and students; 40€ for others.

3.     Title: Introduction to the facilitation of complex adaptive systems (1 day by Rico de Faria)

Content overview: In the context of international development, this course covers:

•     Systems thinking, complexity, complex adaptive systems; evolution;

•     Mental models, value systems, beliefs and motivation traits;

•     The essence of theory U, Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory for use in the complexity            facilitation process;

•     examples drawn from a social integration study and a smallholder farmer community.

How will the course help participants: namely how to:

•     Perceive international development as a series of complex systems interacting continuously with each other; approach development initiatives in a non-linear way;

•     Place the human being at centre-stage of development intiatives.

Date, place: Saturday 9 May 2015, Schlosselgasse 9/2/2, 1080 Vienna

Cost: 25€ for GOAL members* and students; 40€ for others

4.     Title: Einfuehrung in die Aufstellungsarbeit (Introduction to Living Constellations) 1 Day by Elfriede Konas in German.

        Content overview: This intensive introductory course will:

In diesem Workshop geht es um die Grundlagen der Aufstellungsarbeit im organisationalen Kontext, das Kennenlernen und Ausprobieren. Die TeilnehmerInnen werden mit Ich- Selbst-Aufstellungen, Aufstellungen am Systembrett, mit Bodenankern und mit RepraesentantInnen  an eigenen beruflichen Themenstellungen arbeiten. Der Schwerpunkt soll auf beruflichen und organisationalen Themenstellungen liegen. (Achtung: Es handelt  sich um kein therapeutisches Wochenende mit Familienaufstellungen!)

          How will the course help participants; namely how to:

Aufstellungsarbeit liefert hilfreiche Einblicke in Systeme und deren Selbstorganisation. Sie koennen sowohl zur Analyse als auch fuer Loesungsueberlegungen genutzt werden. FacilitatorInnen und BeraterInnen erueben Moeglichkeiten, Aufstellungsarbeit für sich selbst in der Vor- oder Nachbereitungsarbeit einzusetzen.

Minimum 5 TeilnehmerInnen

Date, place: im Herbst 2015, Schlosselgasse 9/2/2, 1080 Vienna

Cost: 25€ for GOAL members* and students; 40€ for others

5.     Title: Introduction to Complexity Leadership (2 days by Adrian Wagner)

        Content overview: To find innovative solutions and possible lines of intercultural cooperation for the future, this two-day training will be designed to give insights into complexity leadership based on the value-developmental model of Clare Graves. Participants will share their knowledge and expertise related to their already existing projects and challenges.

        The focus will be on understanding the underlying values and motivations of people within societies and how these values shape identities and communication. After an introduction into Grave's models, participants will work in small groups on a project map, which will give participants the chance to reflect on their own work.

        Furthermore, different ways of listening and relating to each other within an complex environment will be analyzed by Theory U (Otto Scharmer). Examples will be discussed of young entrepreneurs, grass roots initiatives, and best practice from international organizations and civil societies. Hence the focus will be on possible adaptation and implementation within the participants' own work environments. The main goal is to to co-create possibilities for projects and how the idea of complexity leadership can be applied in the field.

Date, place: to be announced;  Schlosselgasse 9/2/2, 1080 Vienna

Cost: 30€ for GOAL members* and students; 50€ for others

Please contact Rico de Faria:;  mobile: +4369911977298.

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