About GOAL

GOAL - Global Options and Linkages - is a registered non-profit international institution based in Austria.

It looks at a variety of global options to see how they may be linked to have a meaningful impact on the sustainable development and well-being of people and their organisations across the globe.

GOAL has collaborative arrangements with the following institutions:

•   Memorandum of Understanding with the Centre for Development Research of the University for NaturalResources and Life Sciences (CDR/BOKU), Vienna.

•   Consultative status to the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO)

•   An associate partnership with the European Sustainable Development Network (ESDN).


Vision:         We see a co-evolving complex world united through an ethical way of living, learning and working together.

Mission:      Our mission is to develop approaches to organisation and human development through open-minded learning.

Identity:      The GOAL Network is a learning experiment. Established on the basis of the Clare Graves model for adult psycho-social behaviour, we go beyond Graves, Spiral Dynamics and Integral theory to explore what is possible when we get there.

Core Values:  

•   Learning: We are together because we want to learn      more from each other;

•   Commitment: We are loyal to the group and give it time and energy;

•   Sharing: We share our competences, knowledge and ideas;

•   Respect: We acknowledge each other’s work, and respect their individual maps by having open and respectful communication, treat each other as equals and respect any ecological issues of individual members;                       

•   Flexibility: We are a self-organising system, creating the organisation we need for the task at hand;

•   Fun: This is the FUNdamental state we work in.

Beliefs: We believe that the sum of knowledge and wisdom in discussion groups can be put together in various ways. In so doing, we go beyond the limits set by our individual perceptions of the world.