GOAL Research looks into human development within complex adaptive systems and works towards a paradigm shift with regard to international development initiatives - which are affected by the world’s interlinked complex systems (economic, financial, education, hunger, health, poverty, inequalities, fundamentalism, ecological, corruption, etc).  Its action research focuses on:

          •  Human aspects - that is, taking into account the evolution of             mindsets (values, beliefs, culture, traditions) in addition to the techno-economic and institutional aspects of development,

          •  Innovation and transformative change processes,

          •  The complexity of the system within which development takes place and on how to facilitate the co-evolution of that system.

The SevenPlus Forum Europe is a think-tank that organises Informal Dialogues on issues related to the inherent complexity of today’s world crises. These dialogues (see SevenPlus Forum Europe) are generally treated from the perspective of Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory, and contribute to Global Options’ action research.

Quality Performance provides facilitation and coaching services in areas which are of direct interest to the GOAL network.  These activities (see Quality Performance) provide important feedback and feedforward to research undertaken by Global Options and to the dialogues organised by the SevenPlus Forum Europe.

Welcome to the GOAL network

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